Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordination

Injury Management specialists

ergofix provides qualified Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators – assisting injured workers to remain at work or return to work safely and successfully.
Responsibilities of the Rehabilitation and Return To Work Coordinator:
  • Ensure coordinated and efficient approach to rehabilitation
  • Initiate early communication with injured worker
  • Liaison: keeping all stakeholders informed of Return to Work process and progress
  • Injured Worker
  • Treating Practitioners (Doctor, Physio etc),
  • Workplace Manager
  • Supervisor/Line Management
  • Workcover (Qld or NSW) and Insurers/rehab providers
  • Facilitation of the Return to Work Process:
  • Develop suitable duties programs in consultation with injured worker and the employer
  • Ensure that suitable duties programs are consistent with the current medical certificate
ergofix’s Risk Management approach to Rehabilitation and Return to Work
  • Early identification of barriers to the return to work process and mitigation of those risks
  • Ensure your Policies and Procedures for Return to Work are streamlined, efficient and compliant with legislation (and relevant for both work-related and domestic injuries)
  • Early intervention with “Injured Worker’s Pack” to ensure that your worker is on their way back to work from their first medical consultation
  • Education of your workforce so they understand the process before an injury occurs
  • Review and/ or development of health management strategies/ initiatives
  • Understand your job roles and communicate them effectively with Job Task Analysis
For more information about Workcover’s requirements for Rehabilitation and return to work click here.