Risk-Based Pre-Employments

Manage your risks

Our point of difference:
  • Targeted to specific job roles
  • Job Specific testing with real on-the-job equipment
ALL workers come with their own personal risk profile and not every BODY is fit for every TASK!

ergofix’s Functional Pre-employment Screening works by identifying mismatch between work tasks and worker ability so you can manage risk.

Our risk management approach to Pre-Employment Screening compares the physical capability of a job applicant to physical demands of a proposed role (or set of tasks). We then provides a risk profile for that applicant with respect to the actual physical demands of the specified role and provide risk reduction strategies where appropriate. The result is confidence in the physical appropriateness of the job-placement process and mitigation of manual tasks risk.

David and Louise Rose both have post graduate qualifications in Ergonomics. We are experts in assessing workplaces and job demands and are innovative in designing functional testing to replicate those demands.
Risk-Based Pre-Employment Assessments