Injuries are a PAIN!

Even mild discomfort can slow you down and prevent you getting the most out of life. We have the expertise to assess and treat muscle tears, ligament strains, inflammation of joint and tendons and cartilage problems too. Helping the body to heal quickly and preventing the injury from recurring is our specialty. Don’t ignore niggling aches and pains – talk to us at Ergofix today … Move well – Stay well!

Physiotherapy can assist with most musculoskeletal conditions. Even degenerative conditions with “no cure” like arthritis usually have associated joint stiffness and muscle weakness or imbalance which can respond to physio and appropriate exercise.

How does Physio help?
Physiotherapists are university trained professionals who specialise in bio-mechanical assessment and treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries and pain. We analyse movement, diagnose muscle imbalances and detect problems with tightness, weakness and coordination. Our professional and proven treatments can speed your recovery from sprains and strains and prevent injuries from recurring.

Physios also understand and manage headaches, muscle tension, weakness, trigger-points, ligament issues and neurological conditions. We devise individualised exercise programs and can work with you to stretch, strengthen, realign and stabilise. Correcting your movement patterns and body alignment can prevent injuries from occurring.
How Physio Helps