Sports Injuries & Prevention

It all happened so quickly! … Or did it?

Sporting injuries happen fast, but they are often growling long before they bite. Your ligament sprain or muscle strain is going to take some weeks to heal – but our Ergofix Physios can get you better quicker!

Sports Injuries & Prevention

And what happens next?
Maybe your sprain happened because of muscle imbalances – old tightness and weakness issues – so your body let you down. Get back on the field quickly with early assessment and treatment of your injury AND its causes.

Did you know that our skilled physios can get you walking on that ankle sprain the same day it happened? Did you know that letting your joint swell up and limping on it for days is actually slowing your healing and stopping you getting on with life?

Have you ever “wished you’d know something earlier” so you could have fix it early rather than waited for weeks and still having to go through the effort of recovery?

Keep moving and live well with ergofix!