Managing Workplace Injuries

OK – So an injury has happened… What next?

Have you ensured that your employee has seen a doctor?
  • This doesn’t mean having to start a claim if the employee doesn’t want to
  • Ideally your Rehabilitation and Return To Work Coordinator (RRTWC) should coordinate this, arrange the transport and attend the appointment if the employee if the employee agrees. RRTWC should reassure worker, explain the Return to Work process, facilitate necessary medical appointments and be involved from the time of injury?
Did they take your “Injured Worker Pack”?
  • Facilitate the return to work process from the start and avoid Lost Time Injuries (LTIs)
  • Identify yourself as a business that cares and has thought about the Return to Work process
  • Explain your company’s rehab policies upfront how you can accommodate the injured worker with appropriate suitable duties
  • Introduce your Rehabilitation and Return To Work Coordinator and make contact/communication easy!
Did you know that you can possibly avoid a claims excess by meeting Workcover’s reporting timeframes?
  • There does not need to be a claim initiated for you to report an injury to Workcover, but you should report any injury where a claim is anticipated, including claims for medical expenses only (MEO’s). For more information click here
Ergofix has practical solutions to workplace injuries!
  • Ergofix has the experience and skill to help you manage workplace injuries.
  • We can provide practical and effective solutions to mitigate your losses.
  • In addition to our experienced Physiotherapy services for assessment and treatment of the injury, we provide Occupational Health expertise to minimize the impact of the injury on your business.
  • In 2012 we were proud recipients of a prestigious award from Q-Comp for our innovative rehabilitation services.

Ergofix Physiotherapy services include:
  • Accurate assessment of injuriesand rehabilitation planning to fast track recovery
  • Comprehensive and experienced treatment for optimal recovery
  • Communication with stakeholders including Workplace management and supervisors, treating doctors, Rehabilitation and Return to Work Co-ordinators (RRTWC), Insurers.

Ergofix Occupational Health & Ergonomic Services include: